Hi I'm Brittany,

I'm a Los Angeles based blogger and life coach with a passion for helping women live their best lives. 

Think of me as one of your closest girlfriends.

You know, the one friend you go to for recommendations or the one you call to give you truly honest advice on everything?


That's me.

In my friend group, I've always been the one doing everyone's makeup, telling them where (and when) to get their eyebrows done, providing quick & easy fitness routines and nutrition advice, and giving my honest take on if the guy they're seeing is into them (note, if you have to ask, it's a no!)I've been there, tried it and shopped it all.


When I realized I could share this authenticity, passion & experience on a larger platform, SimplyB was born. Come to me for authentic & attainable tips on all things fashion, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle with some honest commentary along the way or connect with me on a deeper level through my coaching programs (coming soon!)

Interested in working together or just have a question? You can reach me at bysimplyb@gmail.com