Raise your hand if you....




Find yourself overwhelmed by the "wellness" industry

Struggle to have a healthy relationship with food

Are frequently yo-yo dieting, watching the scale intently and battling the same 5-10 lbs

Experience difficulty around socializing when trying to "diet" because you don't want to go off your "plan"

Are confused by what workouts to do and when

Want to find a sustainable, balanced approach to nutrition & fitness

Want to focus on feeling and looking your best and breaking ties with unhealthy body ideals

Are ready to reach your goals with the  compassionate guidance of a wellness coach 

A La Carte Session

  • ​​Nutrition assessment & customized plan

  • Macro-nutrient assessment & target calculation (if applicable)

  • Fitness & movement plan based on goals 

  • Assessment of and suggestions for removing unhealthy patterns & practices surrounding food, movement & wellness

Initial Session $150
$75 per each 45 min follow up

About your coach


I'm a certified health & nutrition-focused life coach with an emphasis on balance
  & a no deprivation approach to wellness

I've dealt with weight fluctuations, unhealthy thought patterns around food, and disordered eating since childhood. 

My first diet was at age 9 to lose10 pounds for a pool party. I was on WeightWatchers in elementary school and did the SlimFast diet in 7th grade when I desperately wanted my weight to stay in the double digits, despite going through puberty. I binged & purged for years. When I was 17, I  weighed almost 50 lbs heavier than I am now. 

I've tried every diet on the market, and have worked with dozens of nutritionists, wellness coaches, and personal trainers. I've sampled every skinny tea and swallowed every "fat-burning vitamin." I even competed in a fitness bikini competition in 2016!

Each of these experiences has been valuable in shaping my approach to food, movement, and wellness. I've learned to heal my relationship with food, regulate my body weight through a no-deprivation approach, and heal my issues with binge eating.

There is no one size fits all plan when it comes to weight loss, management, or maintenance. I work with clients to create custom plans that fit into their lifestyle, and help them on their unique journeys to feeling and looking their best. I examine food & movement patterns, as well as their mindset around their bodies as a whole.​

Regardless of your goal, I'll help you create a sustainable wellness plan to reach it, and provide compassionate support and guidance along the way.