5 Products to Spring Clean Your Skin

As it gets warmer I always tend to wear use fewer products. While I’m still a beauty junkie at heart and love devoting time to my daily makeup routine, come April I’m drawn towards tinted moisturizers, highlighters and products that are more transparent and natural looking.

This means that he focus on is on my skin, so right about now I’m using a lot of resurfacing & refining products to reduce pore size, remove dead skin, even skin tone, and add more brightness.

Here are the products in my current rotation.

Kate Somerville Exfoliating Treatment

I get .5 oz travel size version of this because its so pricy but its a great dual exfoliator, it uses both glycolic acid as well as physical exfoliating particles.

Herbavor Blue Tansy Mask

This has AHA+ BHA for deep resurfacing along with blue tansy to calm the skin. Smells weird but works great. My skin looks clearer and my blemishes and redness is reduced after using.

Resurface by Shani Darden

Shani is a celebrity facial artists who works on stars like Chrissy Teigan, Kim Kardashian, and one of my favorite bloggers Marianna Hewitt. Her retinol serum combines calming aloe along with power retinol to minimize pores, help acne, refine skin texture and lighten dark spots. I just started working this into my routine once weekly and have already started to see results.

Kiehl’s Epidermal Microdermabrasion

I got this product last week after seeing amazing reviews online. Oh, my, god. I’ve gotten in-office microdermabrasion and this gives almost the exact same result.  My skin felt baby-smooth and my pores were clear after using this.

Luna Foreo Mini

I was skeptical about the this product at first but am a true believer now. It’s much easier to use than a Clarisonic, and the rubber nubs are anti-microbial so you never need to replace it. There are three different types of bristles depending on whether you’re using it on oiler or dryer parts of your face, and the vibration really allows your cleanser to work into the skin. My face feels much cleaner, smoother and brighter after cleansing with this.

Hope you enjoyed!

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