Duster Season

What’s long and loose and is just as acceptable on one of the Golden Girls as it is on stylish celebs?

The duster!

Its equal parts chic hollywood glam and grandma cool. It looks like a housecoat but you can wear it almost practically anything and create a LOOK. I’ve always loved long cardigans, but over the past few years I’ve noticed so many cute sheer and lightweight style dusters. They picked up in popularity when Kim Kardashian-West & Chrissy Tiegan both rocked them through their pregnancies, probably because they’re comfy but also provide great coverage.

I paired this dusty pink duster (wow that’s a lot of dust) with a black silk tank and denim shorts, with my fave Gucci belt to tie it together.

Dusters really add texture and variety to basic looks so feel free to pop them over simple jeans & t’s as well as bodycon dresses. I think the only real rule to nailing the look is to make sure you’re not wearing something with too much volume underneath, as you want the lines to be long and lean.

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