Fall 2018 Trend: Leopard Print

Leopard is kind of a neutral by now, but even so, I’ve been thoroughly surprised by its aggressive presence in NYFW outfits & all my favorite shopping sites this fall. I definitely knew it was a thinggggg and featured it in an earlier fall trends post (see here) but am so excited to see it splashed on everything from blouses to shoes to headbands. But it can be a tricky print to pull off. Some tips:

  1. Keep the rest of your outfit simple. At most add in a red lip for some color, but leopard looks best with black, nude, white etc.

  2. Some leopard print just looks kind of cheap. The spots are too small, too fake looking, the color is off etc. Use a discerning eye when pinking something out

  3. Shoes are the easiest way to incorporate it into your look, I love a leopard pump with distressed jeans & a simple top.

  4. Leopard is kind of an in your face print, so you want to make sure whatever you’re wearing isn’t too revealing. It’s very easy to veer into lady of the night territory with this look.

So go out & get yourself a leopard printed piece, I promise you’ll feel VERY Fall 2018 with it.

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