Friday Favorites


My last blog post was quite a while ago, October 2019! How things have changed.

I’ve recently recommitted myself to this platform and am finding a lot of purpose in sharing with my community. Nothing like a global pandemic to make you realize what you want to focus on in life and what sparks joy.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been loving lately, in no particular order.

Instagram quite accurately targeted me with an add for Few Moda and I was immediately intrigued. They carry a lot of brands I buy elsewhere like o.p.t and Cara, but for wholesale prices, if you sign up for their membership ($120 a year). I love their pieces, it’s a lot of the more affordable stuff you see on sites like ShopBop, like this adorable jumpsuit for $55 (originally $143). Definitely a good option if you regularly shop these brands elsewhere as you save a ton of money with this membership.

In other news, since Angelenos decided they were somehow exempt from the rules and our government decided to open everything up ridiculously early here (can you sense I’m bitter?), we’re now back on full lockdown. Meaning, I’m going to be living in t-shirts for the foreseeable future. I’m loving this padded muscle sleeve t from Frankie Shop brand. Such a good elevated basic. I got a size S but it runs large, could have gotten an XS. They also have them in other of colors like olive, and white.

I’m wearing this one

We did a staycation recently in Santa Monica and I wore the suit in the photo above and am obsessed. Holds you in in all the right places, super flattering. Shop top & bottom.

I’ve also got a ton of questions ( I know everyone says that but seriously, multiple DM’s) on the cream rug we have in my office. For most of the rugs in our place, we used at the suggestion of friends and influencers alike. It’s pretty affordable for good quality, just read reviews closely. This one is the Maui Chunky Loop Rug in Off-White.

Comes in a bunch of different colors too!

As far as reading/content goes I’ve been alternating with fiction and nonfiction, and in both cases have been focusing on BIPOC authors/stories/histories. I just finished White Rage which I highly recommend if you want an in-depth look at the way we as a country have systematically put roadblocks in front of Black Americans to prevent upward mobility, starting as soon as slavery was abolished.

For fiction, I just finished These Ghosts are Family, and loved it. It focuses on interweaving stories of present-day characters and their ancestors’ experiences during the 1700 and 1800’s in Jamaica. There is a bit of magical realism that I LOVE.

Hope you all had a lovely week. This one was a bit tough for me emotionally but connecting with you all truly makes me happy. As always DM or email me with things you want me to feature/talk about!

Love, Brittany

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