Friday Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies! Here are the things I'm into right now....

I'm obsessed with everything in Sezane's fall collection, but especially this suede skirt, these cognac-colored block heels, and this deliciously soft-looking sweater. So french, chic & timeless.

I also recently got these Schutz boots and have already worn them a few times despite the heat! They somehow go with everything.

I'm always looking for cute new workout sets so when everyone on IG was losing it over this $30 Amazon set I had to try it out. Lives up to the hype as long as you stick to lounging & low-intensity workouts. I've bought it in 4 colors already!

Cycle syncing is something I learned about only recently on a podcast and it kind of blew my mind. Exercising, eating & planning your schedule differently around your period? It makes perfect sense, women have an infradian rhythm (similar to the circadian rhythm but instead of being centered around sleep it's around your menstrual cycle), which means our energy levels, hormones, emotions & metabolism vary during the month. Imagine waking up at 1 AM to do a workout... it's the same thing when you aren't conscious of your cycle! Read more here & here.

If you can't tell, I'm kind of on a biohacking kick lately. I'm really trying to focus on my body & optimize for the best result physically & mentally. This podcast with Gabby Reece & Dr. Andrew Huberman had so much information about managing stress, supplementation, and how to treat our bodies in a world where we're moving farther and farther away from the habits of our ancestors and sitting in front of screens all day.

Lastly, MY COACHING PROGRAMS LAUNCH MONDAY! I'm so passionate about this and cant wait to work with some of you! If not in the cards for you right now, feel free to share with someone who could use some help with wellness & balance right now.



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