Friday Favorites

This week felt like a month. I was super low energy, a bit cranky, and just BLEH. If I'm going off my IG story polls, a lot of you were feeling the same!

Whenever I'm feeling bad I love escaping into a show. This week I binged The Black Spot on Netflix, and I'm obsessed! It's a French Belgian show but the dubbing is great so it's easy to watch. It's set in a creepy beautiful town surrounded by a forest, there's a supernatural element and tons of crime. I haven't seen a crime show I've liked this much for a while!

I've also been in a mood for hearty pasta-based meals lately. Palmini noodles are amazing, full of fiber & made of artichoke. If you put enough sauce in your dish you can't even tell you're not eating wheat-based noodles. I made this Light & Simple Caprese Pasta with them & my fiance' (not a faux noodle lover) inhaled it!

I've been living in Zara bodysuits lately. Buttery soft & perfect fit! I have it in olive, nude & back.

When I put on makeup lately I'm looking to have some fun. Nothing makes me happier than a tasteful sparkle on the eye. I layered a PYT gold liquid shimmer shadow over Kosas violet 10 second shadow one last week and it was perfection.

Lastly, I've read a few good books lately, including The Visibles and Lying Life of Adults. Always looking for new book recs, comment with your favorites right now!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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