Friday Favorites

The fact that the cosmos didn't decide so somehow prevent a Mercury Retrograde has me like...

Luckily it hasn't been so bad... but we're two days in so really, anything can happen. Still, let's focus on the positive, shall we?

The ShopBop sale was this week (ending today) and I linked all of my favorite pieces here! Did you pick up anything? Such a great time to stock up on basics for the year.

Speaking of basics, someone asked me the other day what I wear under light colored workout leggings... they tend to show your underwear lines, especially if you wear lacy ones. My favorites are Cavin Klein's simple cotton thongs. They last forever, are super comfortable, and don't show under light pants!

Against my better judgment, I decided this week I was going to cut out coffee. My hope was that without the large hit of caffeine in the AM, my afternoon fatigue would lessen. At least this week, that's proven the case! I haven't totally given up caffeine and still will have matcha or black tea in the AM, but I get a much smoother burst of energy. Give it a try! Be sure to get unsweetened matcha like this one.

I also made this amazing sugar free, low carb torte for my father-in-law as his birthday was this week and as a diabetic, he needs to limit sugar. Yeah, he can have one piece of cake, but on your birthday, who just wants one! The best part about the birthday cake is eating the leftovers. It was so rich & decadent you would never have thought it was sugar and flour free! Recipe here

My wedding is almost a year away now, and while I don't know what 2021 will hold, I'm hoping I'll get to have some version of a bachelorette party, bridal shower etc. Since I have my dress, I've now been super fixated on shoes, not just for my wedding but for all of the events. Here are some I've been obsessing over.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love, Britt

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