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Lately the trend in beauty is skewing towards fresh, clean skin with minimal distraction from heavy contour, shadow or color. While going out the door barefaced with only a swipe of  mascara sounds appealing, its not realistic for those of us who have less than flawless skin. Here’s my routine for getting glowing skin with minimal definition around the eyes, cheeks and brows.

Step 1: Prime face with a beauty oil. I’ve transitioned from primer to a beauty oil for a base underneath foundation after reading an article that mentioned Mario Dedovenic (the mastermind behind Kim K’s flawless skin) uses this method, thereby eliminating any barrier between the foundation and the skin. I’ve been loving Tatcha’s  Gold Camellia Beauty Oil . It’s pricy but 2-3 drops is more than enough for your entire face

Step 2: With a damp Beauty Blender, bounce a luminous foundation all over the face. My go to is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation mixed with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighter. I use a 1:1 ratio and then a tiny pump of just the foundation to go over any areas that need more coverage, this pretty much eliminates the need for a concealer on the face.

Step 3: Apply Bodyography Concealer under the eye. This concealer is amazing. Again, I stole this tip from Kim K. Its pretty opaque (which makes it creaseless) so you really only need I tiny bit. Dab some under the eye, focusing more on the dark circle area vs directly under the lash line, then blend it up with a Beauty Blender.

Step 4: Lightly (the key is lightly!) contour with Nars the Multiple in Atai. I draw a stripe under the cheekbone and down the sides of my nose, then blend it out with a Beauty Blender.

Step 5 : Set all your hard work! I’ve been using Chantecaille powder in Peach. I use the same Beauty Blender to apply, and use only a tiny bit of powder, really patting the product onto the skin to help it fuse with the foundation.

Step 6: Use Benefit Hula Bronzer to warm up the face. Using a large fluffy brush, lightly dust the areas you contoured earlier. Depending on what kind of looking I’m going for, I switch up the brush I use to apply powdered bronzer. For this look I wanted the effect to be soft so I used a larger brush to diffuse the color more.

Step 7: Using the Beauty Blender press a cream blush, like Bite Beauty Multistick in cashew onto cheeks. Focus hire on the cheek then blend the color forward.

Step 6: Add some glow with a highlighter. I love Anastasia Glow Kit in “That Glow”. There are four different highlight tones to choose from. Use a highlight brush or tapered bronze brush to apply just at tops of cheekbones down the bridge of the nose, and lightly over lids.

Step 7: Curl lashes and apply mascara, I’ve been using Makeup Forever Excessive Lash.

Step 8: Define brows with Anastasia Brow pencil in Taupe. I fill in my brows a bit differently depending on the type of look I’m going for. With a more natural look I like the brow to be defined but light. I focused on the arches mainly, filling in any spots and letting those little sparse hairs towards the nose go wild. Feathered, natural looking brows are in right now.

Step 9: Mist face with Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist and use that Beauty Blender one last time to lightly press the products you’ve applied into the skin. This last step will melt all the layers together and make your skin look flawless but natural. I just applied a clear balm to the lips for this look.

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