Hair: Current Routine & Favorite Products

Happy Monday! I wanted to start this week off with a beauty post highlighting how I care for, style and manage my hair.

Everyone’s hair-type varies, and that factors a lot into how well a certain routine works for you. I have thick hair, with medium-coarse strands, so I can get away with slightly less washing and tend to be a bit more heavy handed with product, since it often seems to disappear into my hair. That being said, I think my routine and products work for a variety of hair types (with a few tweaks) as the focus is on keeping hair as healthy as possible.

Cut & Color

Some may disagree but I think think this is where you should spend the majority of your haircare budget.

Cut is the foundation of your hairstyle, a good cut will make styling much easier and allow you to use less heat & product overall. Of course, the best cut isn’t always the most expensive. I have girlfriends who swear by their 25$ stylist ( you know who you are!) and they have great results. I think it just depends on your hair type, desired hair-look, and overall dedication to styling your hair. You need to fine someone who understands your hair the the “vision” you have for it. I like my hair to look messy, lived in, with piecey ends. I also don’t like super visible layers but definitely need them blended into my hair in order to make it more mangeable and give it some movement.

Color is probably even more important than cut; that is, if you choose to color your hair. I’ve gone through various shades of brown and “bronde”, starting with forays into drugstore hair dye in college, moving to brighter rooted golden toned looks, to my current subtle brunette balayage. I prefer the most natural look possible. I like my highlights to look grown out and blend easily with the rest of my hair. While most colorists are well versed in this look, its helpful to bring in pictures, even if  you’re going to the same colorist you’ve been going to for a while. I don’t know hairstylist jargon, and sometimes my vision of “cool toned” is completely different from theirs, so pictures bridge that gap.

Stylist Suggestions:

San Francisco

When I’m in San Francisco I go to Ricardo at Elan Salon SF. I started going to him years ago when he was at Cowboys & Angels and was thrilled when he opened his own salon. He’s a color god and has always given me exactly what I wanted, I really can’t recommend him enough. If I still lived in the Bay Area I would never stray from him! I’ve been to a few different stylist for cuts at his salon as well and they’ve all done a great job.

Los Angeles

I’ve been going to Ramirez Tran salon where trademarked the term “lived in color.” Their cuts follow the same suit. It’s definitely an expensive salon, but I love my results and feel its worth it. You can scroll their Instagram and see some pictures of their work to see what I’m talking about.

Prior to Ramirez Tran I went to Luxe Lab  and had great results as well. They’re slightly more affordable depending on the tier of stylist you choose.

Product Suggestions:

The Ouai

I LOVE this line and I’m using a bunch of their products at the moment.  Its created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, who styles celebs like the Kardashians, Chrissy Teigan, the Hadid’s etc. The products are decently priced for a high-end hair line, and the packaging is beautiful. My favorites are the Wave Spray for beachy texture, the Texturizing Hair Spray for volume and a “lived in look”, the Oil for shine and heat protection, and the Finishing Creme on my ends for  separation and shine.


Oribe is premium haircare line that specializes in luxurious products. Their Gold Lust Oil  is touted as pure gold, its super moisturizing and a little goes a long way. They also have an amazing Dry Texturizing Spray and the Gold Lust Repair and Restore Conditioner is my go to for super intense moisture.


R&Co is a hipster chic care line with great packaging. They specialize in products that just make your chair look fashion-girl cool. Their Death Valley Dry Shampoo is amazing and smells great. I also just bought their Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray to help with my flyways and it helps a lot.

Blue Beautifly

Blue Beautifly is a certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty free beauty brand. They have an amazing skin & hair care line that uses botanical extracts. I love their Pure Argan Oil for deep conditioning on the ends of my hair, and I use their Rose Toner when I want to refresh my hair,  its a great light mist for reactivating any products applied earlier.

Drug store Products:

  1. Psst Dry Shampoo is the original dry shampoo and you can buy it at almost every drug store Its cheap and is great for building volume.

  2. Not Your Mother’s is a great product line at an affordable price

  3. Loreal Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner are great options for affordable cleansers for color treated hair


Wash & Prep

I wash my hair probably 3-4 times a week, depending on how much product I use and how intense my workouts are. I’m also incredibly lazy about blow drying my hair, which fortunately I can get away with. I wash my hair in the evening, coat it with a moisturizing hair oil and go to sleep with it wet. In the AM I put it in a top knot before the gym and use copious amounts of dry shampoo post shower, along with a quick refresh with the blow dryer aimed at just my roots.


I generally don’t like how my hair looks straight so I mainly rely on a curler.

I’ve used Numee products for a long time, and I prefer a wand style curling iron because I like the ends of my hair to stay straighter to give me waves more of an un-done look; I have a 1 inch wand I use frequently.

I recently bought Hot Tools curling irons, both the 1 1/4 inch and the 3/4 inch and I love having more versatility.


While my exact technique varies depending on the look, I generally follow the same formula.

  1. I take air-dried hair and divide it into 5 sections using large clips.

  2. I spray each section with a light coat of texturizer or hairspray to give some grip, I then wind about an inch wide section around a curling wand at a time, leaving the ends loose.

  3. In the bottom 3 sections I alternate each way I curl my hair first away from my face, then towards it, so all the curls don’t collapse into one wave, you want a big of dimension so it looks natural.

  4. With top layer or two I wrap the hair away from my face, and I always tug on the pieces near my face so they’re the loosest and most natural looking. Each time I release I curl I cup my hand under it so it doesn’t fall to quickly, as my hair is heavy and tends to lose curl fast.

  5. I finish by “butterflying” my hair– pulling it out to the side while spraying texturizer throughout. It takes the the place of teasing by adding volume, and breaks up the waves so they look a bit messy.

  6. Depending on frizz level, I smooth a bit of styling oil over the top and use The Ouai Finishing Creme on the ends to give them some separation.

I’ll go into more detailed techniques for specific looks in the future, but I hope this gave you some fun tips for how to style your hair and what products I recommend!


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