My Life Changing Skincare Tool

Hey guys! I’m back from a brief hiatius & promise to have more regular content coming your way.

During the past month, I’ve added one new item to my skincare routine & I have never had better skin in my entire life. If you’ve read other posts or follow me on social media, you’ll know that I struggle with hormonal, cystic breakouts, those super deep blemishes that come & go and are impossible to treat topically.

It seems to have gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, and I have this theory that my body is giving me a big fuck you when every month it realizes I’m not bearing a child (thanks, hormones).  Before I changed my routine I was averaging 2-3 cortisone injections (yes you can get HUGE blemishes injected to help them shrink & prevent scarring) a MONTH. That’s like $150 worth of treatments for something isn’t preventative!

This led me to explore LED light therapy. If you’re not familiar, LED is a non-invasive painless light treatment that uses both red (for wrinkles) and blue (for acne) light to improve skin. Red LED light stimulates collagen which adds plumpness to skin, improves texture and reduces wrinkles. Blue light kills bacteria that causes acne and also decreases oil production & shrinks pores.

You can get LED therapy during facials, but it’s very expensive (like $200 a treatment), and the most effective way to get the benefits is through everyday use.

So… when Dermstore was having a sale I bought the Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro and let me tell you, it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. At just under $450 it’s a huge investment, and I definitely got a little bit nauseous after I pressed “buy”, but it has paid for itself and then some in the time I’ve used it.

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The Process:

The mask is freaky, you look like a transformer when you put it on. I’ve been using once, sometimes twice a day, after cleansing and before I apply any skincare products. Note: definitely don’t put sunscreen on before you use, it blocks some of the light, but don’t worry, LED is not the same as UV and there is no damage done to your skin. There’s a red, blue or purple (red+ blue) setting to combat wrinkles, acne, or both. I’ve been using the purple setting because I’ve definitely noticed fine lines so want to just get everything taken care of everything in one fell swoop. The mask has a set timer for 3 minutes so I just sit & relax while the LED does its work on my face and then wait for the light to shut off. It’s that easy.

The Results:

Within a week I noticed redness was reduced & my skin seemed smoother and more even. My boyfriend noticed right away,  which means it must have been pretty obvious because… men. By week 2 & 3 I was not breaking out at all, I got one tiny bump around that time of the month but it was so minor I didn’t care. Marks from old blemished have been reduced and I just look better all around. I’ve started wearing less makeup, venturing out of the house & even to work with just sunscreen, moisturizer & some brow gel, which I would rarely do before. I wanted to see how the mask worked on it own so I stopped all of my other anti-acne treatments & have just been washing my face, toning & using moisturizer and the results are phenomenal.

This isn’t a paid endorsement (I wish I got this for free)  but I really can’t speak highly enough of this mask. It’s seriously lifechanging and I feel like I’m saving so much money becuase I just don’t have to worry about treating huge cystic blemishes. buying new products etc. It’s expensive, but when I added up all the other products/services I was using to just keep my skin feeling normal I realized I’ve saved a lot of money.

In short, if you struggle with cystic acne and or fine lines & can fit this into your budget, definitely get your hands on this baby. Totally SimpyB approved.



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