Outfit of the Day: Transitional Dressing

I find it frustrating when the Los Angeles weather doesn’t match the season.

I want it to be chilly and rainy in the winter, pleasantly warm in the spring, balmy in the summer and brisk in the fall. But, Los Angeles doesn’t ascribe to my weather ideals. Today it reached 78 degrees, and it will get up to 90 degrees later this week.

I hate dressing in summer clothes during fall. The pastels, sandals and earthy touches that I find so charming in the summer just irritate me once September hits. This is where transitional dressing comes in. In order to stay true to the fall aesthetic while beating the heat,  I recycled a warm weather favorite. I wore an off the shoulder top and vintage denim shorts, and added my Zara block heels and a leather belt to ground the look a bit. It ended up being the perfect transitional look.

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