Revolve x Patrick Ta: A Beauty Seminar

I’ve been in awe of Patrick Ta’s work for a while now. He works on beauties like Olivia Munn, Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell, Jenna Dewan and Kourtney Kardashian. When I saw he was giving a seminar in LA at with Revolve I bought my ticket right away.

The event was absolutely amazing, and I was blown away by how much I learned from Patrick. Each guest was given a swag bag with TONS of product, handpicked by Patrick. He’s a La Mer ambassador so there was even a small sized moisturizer in the bag! I was also super excited to go to Revolve Social club, as normally its invite only.

I’m no newbie to makeup, but watching Patrick work completely changed my outlook on how makeup should be done. He has away of making skin look absolutely flawless and natural, and even dramatic looks are effortless.

He went through two looks, each taking him over an hour from start to finish.


Look 1: Red Carpet Skin with a Bold Red Lip

Model: Jenny Watwood



Look 2: Glam Bronze

Model: Jean Watts


Patrick’s Tips

While you’ll have go to his next seminar to get all of his tips, here are some of the most important things I learned

If you’re only using one foundation you’re doing it wrong.

Patrick mixed four different foundations for each model. Some of his favorites are La Mer, Chanel Le Beiges, Giorgio Armani and Kevin Aucoin. He also named his favorite shade ranges. He has an amazing eye for color and when he identifies the right tone he’s a master at matching each client’s skin tone but also bring more warmth and depth to their skin .

Same goes for concealer

He loves mixing NARS & Tarte concealers for under eye & highlight. His favorite shades to mix are NARS Vanilla, Custard, Ginger & Honey, and Tarte Tape Shape in Medium.  I usually tend to go super light with my under eye concealer   but after seeing his approach, I bought the other shades he recommended. My concealer highlight looked so much more effortless when using his approach.

Use bronzer sparingly

Patrick used a light hand with his bronzer. Instead of applying a line and furiously blending out (like I do) he was so delicate when contouring the blending almost did itself. He uses Chanel Solei Tan  for light cream contour and then finishes up with a dusting of powder bronzer.

You can never have too much highlighter

Looking at his instagram you’ll see his makeup is always amazingly glowy, but still soft. Its not a tacky highlight, it’s ethereal. It’s because he layers  three different highlighters in most cases. Liquid, followed by cream, followed by powder.

Beauty Blender is key

He used brushes to apply most products but then patted everything into the skin evenly with a damp beauty blender to make everything meld together.

Everything should coordinate

His looks are also so gorgeous because he makes sure all of this tones are similar.

He also gave his take on what trends he thinks will be big in 2017, or at least what he’ll be doing on his clients this year (so it will become a trend soon enough). He’s excited to focus on monochrome makeup, colored mascara, lighter, more natural brows and pops of color around the eyes

Can’t wait to shoot a few looks featuring the new techniques I learned!

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