Spring Sportswear

Nothing is better than when fashion swings towards comfort.”Athleisure” has been a look for active girls for a while (head to toe Lululemon anyone?), but this season the key is to be a bit more deliberate, mixing more tailored pieces with sportier aspects.

This look is easy to pull off; pair sneakers with streamlined, basic pieces.

When is comes to shoes you can go one of two ways, vintage inspired trainers like the New Balance ones I’m  wearing here, or something more modern like those featured below. Either way, make sure they’re

C L E A N, nothing ruins the look like dirty sneakers.

I love mixing chambray & denim into the look, and sticking to a basic color palette, blush, nude, gray, white & black make it easy to mix and match, and prevent you from looking like you’re on your way to spin.

The pieces below are some I have my eye on this season, and would be easily incorporated into any wardrobe!

Bodycon T-Shirt Dress


Lurex Leggings

Nike Sneakers

Blush Bomber

APL Sneakers

Letterman Style Cardigan

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