Thank God for Leather Shorts

2020 has definitely been a dumpster fire, and sometimes it helps to focus on the little things.

I for one feel BLESSED that we live in a time where retailers have been able to create leather shorts (both faux & real) at affordable prices.

I very clearly remember my very first pair of leather shorts. I was 20, they were a William Rast x Target collab (does anyone remember William Rast, Justin Timberlake's brand? I'm aging myself here) and I was obsessed with them. They fit perfectly, and I had them for years. Sadly, somehow I lost track of them in the past decade.

I consider leather shorts a cornerstone for fall outfits, especially in Los Angeles. Luckily there are SO many styles to choose from! Swipe through to shop more styles below, including the ones I'm wearing in these photos.

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