Weekly Obsessions & 2021 Updates

Happy Friday!

I dropped off a bit with my posting at the end of the year but I'm back and wanted to round up my Friday favorites in this second week of 2021!


But first, a quick check in and update. In December I quit my full time job and created my own company focused on talent consulting & leadership recruiting (otherwise known as my day job). Part of this was to free myself and my schedule up and allow more flexibility to pursue all things blogging & wellness coaching as well as mental health startup idea I'm pretty passionate about. While I don't have unlimited time to focus on this platform (I still gotta pay the bills) I definitely have more freedom to.

There is something so powerful about freeing up space in your life and getting out of a work situation that you don't feel serves you. I didn't hate my job by any means and I'm largely doing something similar while consulting, but I now have more autonomy to pick the projects I'm most interested in. Doing something you dislike can be so energy sapping and I found my creativity was nonexistent.

Don't get me wrong, it's a privilege to be able to quit your job and explore other avenues, especially during this economy. I'll be fully transparent that I would not have had the courage to do this if I wasn't part of a childless two income household!

Enough about me.. or my job at least. Here are things I'm loving in this first week of 2021!

This Skims bralette is the most comfortable bra ever. Who in their right mind is putting on a real bra these days? Not me. But I also can't go for those flimsy bralettes with no support. Kimmy did good on this one. I have it in white but they recently restocked in a few different colors and I'm snapping up a few. It was sold out forever!

I've been on a major personal development reading kick lately and have been on an Amazon book buying spree. I haven't finished all of these (I tend to half read self help books while reading fiction, but here are a few I've purchased)

Traction: I just purchased this yesterday, it's all about running your own business, delegating and making decision that allow you to be a successful entrepreneur.

You Are an Intuitive: Ok this may seem a little woo woo and off brand but I love the idea of honing my intuition & tapping more into my gut & spiritual side. I'm really connecting with it so far

The Four Hour Work Week: This is my no means a new book, but I was listeng to a podcast recently where the writer was featured. I've only just started it but the focus is tips on building a business that doesn't require all of your time to run it and create a healthy, passive income. So many people get burnt about working 60 hour + work weeks and this author shows how with some mindset shifts, he became his own boss and created opportunities where he can travel the world and truly be fulfilled, all while being financially successful.

Please excuse the shoddy mirror pic #quarantinecontent

I've seen a ton of these ALC T-shirts tops on the gram and got the long sleeve in black and am planning to pick up a short sleeve version too. They're cropped but just the right amount and the twisted front & shoulder puff detail is super flattering! It's the perfect casual essential to dress up your sweat pants now and your jeans & skirts when we can re-enter civilization!

I kept it short & sweet this week, but hope everyone is doing well!

PS... have you checked out my coaching offerings? I now offer 1-1 individual sessions, check it out.

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